Dishes + Restaurants = Happy You
Dishes is a food and catering ordering platform that is unlike any other. Find your favorite local restaurants, order your favorite dishes, pay amazing prices. 

We understood that as the demand for food delivery continues to rise, other platforms were continually placing burdens on restaurants with increasing commissions and revenue sharing structures. By taking high commissions and percentages off the restaurants gross receipts, these platforms were creating an unsustainable model to live by for restaurants and ultimately leaving someone else to hold the bag - you. 
We don't charge any commissions or engage in revenue theft, and by not doing so you get to reap the benefits. We believe that fair treatment of restaurants equates to happier owners who in turn pass along great exceptional value to the customer. Woohoo! The circle of foodie prosperity has been restored!

So whether you are preparing for a business lunch meeting, staff party, or corporate catering event, make Dishes your go-to ordering portal. Go ahead, order, and enjoy.